Your Ideas, Beautifully Wrapped

Jessica Ray Design

When I say beautifully wrapped, I don’t mean pretty. I create functional, intentional design that is integral to the success of a product. That’s what makes it beautiful.



Your idea. Your product. Your style. You know what you need better than anyone else. Tell me who you are and what you want.


Depending on your goals I will suggest an hourly rate with ongoing projects or a proposal with predefined deliverables on a project basis.


Things get made! Be that a logo, print materials, or a website. You can see your idea come to life and, of course, make adjustments. It’s an ongoing conversation until we’ve created what you love.


Your design is delivered and final payment is made. Smiles are had, champagne is uncorked, and confetti falls from the ceiling. Or, that’s how I do it. You can celebrate in whatever way feels best to you.


You rock my socks. GAH! Have I mentioned I LOVE it?

Amber Bippes, NM

I really appreciate you having the ability to put a design behind my vision.

Tiffany Burgess, CA

She takes the initiative to identify problems and creatively devise solutions.

Josh Darnell, CO

What do You Need?

I’m currently looking for new opportunities to create amazing experiences and designs.

My Work

Purpose Meets Creativity

Jessica Ray of Jessica Ray Designs. That’s me. In-house designer, freelancer of unicorn projects, lover, fighter, crafter, striver to make the world better.

I love that I get to make things for a living. When it comes to design, I do everything from designing for online and in print. Recent projects you’ll find in the portfolio. Every so often I get hit with the desire to talk about art and philosophy and the state of things as I think they are. That’ll be reflected in the blog.

You can contact me for more information or to request a quote for a project.

2018 – present

Art Director


2014 – 2016

Sr Designer


2011 – 2013

Graphic Designer

Union Supply Co.


Thoughts, Photos, Storyboards and More


Digital, Print, Concept & Development

Each project that comes my way is an opportunity to create amazing design work that speaks to its intended market. Every mark, line and letter should have a purpose! Every website, flyer, banner and image is considered. My services are flexible and cover every stage of the design process from the initial meeting to the end product.