Jessica Ray Design

The Bow

Way back when I was an intern I designed a set of illustrations for an invitation. When the event was over, a project manager was speaking about how no one else would have captured the illustrations quite the way I had. There are other designers and marketers, but only my brain and eyes could have set the design in this specific way. It struck something in me that I would build my brand around.

The design I create is a gift. Yes, it’s meant to pay bills and make a living, but unlike other careers, it’s also an art. As such, it’s natural that there should be many designers for a client to choose from. Every designer is going to approach a project in a different way.

The best gifts reflect both the giver, the receiver and the relationship between them.

This is how I view my work in graphic design. What you’ve put in the box is your relationship with your customers. What I’ve wrapped it with should give them delight and intrigue so that when you’ve placed that product or service in front of them, they are excited to open.

Jessica Ray Portrait

The Designer

Hi, my name is Jessica Ray. But you probably figured that one out.

Pretty much anyone who has met me has discovered quickly that I love to read. I’m an avid learner and I always will be. You’ll see this reflected in the diversity of work I do. I am passionate about doing all I can, in both my personal and professional life. Creating effective design that reaches it’s intended market in both content and delivery, that’s my mark. Doing that, as a designer or a business, shows you care.

While I am self motivated, I love being a part of a team. I learn so much from others, be it design, better communication, or even plain common sense. (Sometimes I miss that last one!)

On the non-work side I like to indulge my hands-on love of fine art. Too much time staring at a screen makes me batty! I like to paint and draw, sometimes hike and bike.

Want to know more professionally? Feel free to get ahold of me through my contact page.

Find Me Unsocial On Social

It’s hard to balance my priorities with online privacy and the idea that I must market myself on social media, so while I am not inclined to spend a lot of time on these channels, if that’s your preferred way of reaching out, you can try me there.

Jessica did a phenomenal job designing our wine themed wedding programs. Not only is she likeable, responsive and professional, but she’s great at what she does. It’s clear she has a passion and love for her work.

Amber P, Wedding Programs

Jessica Ray Design helped me bring the vision I had for my brand to life! She began with crafting a great logo for my company, but was also instrumental in consulting for and building out a new WordPress website. Her experience helped bring uniformity and a high-level of sophistication to it’s look. From pencil drawings to the final digital product, I couldn’t be more pleased with the process and results proffered by Jessica.

Jeff V, Clear Accounting Technologies

Jessica is my favorite designer I have ever worked with! She has been designing email campaigns, infographics, laying out white papers, and really any other graphic design tasks for me for over a year now. She is super easy to communicate what I need to and always gets any edits to me very quickly. I also just love her style- very clean and professional while also on trend.

Danielle D., Foodservice Superstore