Design, Be Beautiful

Design, Be Beautiful.

tl;dr Beautiful design is not pretty design. Clients can sabotage their own designs, so be careful. Don’t be that guy! Join me in refusing to make designs that force a bad experience on a viewer–by making great work! You know it when you hear it in a song. The song that compels you to sing with […]

Graphic Design Philosophy

What Graphic Design is All About (for me)

What is Graphic Design? We all know the term Graphic Design, but I get different reactions when I say it’s my profession. I think it’s a little like saying you’re an artist. People don’t quite know how to grasp it, partly because graphic design encompasses a massive amount of knowledge and practices. It scales from the […]

Perseverance and Stupidity

Perseverance and Stupidity

I’ve been listening to a friend talk about his dealings with a lady he works with. It’s been an ongoing conversation. I don’t know her. I only see her situation from what he’s told me. The Situation from my Eyes Beginning this year, let’s call her Susie (not to protect her, I just honestly can’t […]

Networking for Business

Networking for Business

It’s like the universe just knows. What you put in your mind, you put into the universe and it creates reality. I honestly believe this, and it’s a powerful force when you are trying to network for business. Or flirt for a spouse. Or meet a new bff. I’ve never been a giant fan of […]

Colorado Consortium Web Design

Website: Colorado Consortium

Website Mock Ups Client: Colorado Consortium Art Director: Sharee Hiatt Deliverables: Front End Web Mock Ups Long, long ago, there was no responsive design. No one had yet thought of the magic of “metro” and pink and orange weren’t the trendy colors. It’s easy to look back on old designs and see all the problems that […]

Art for the Gods

Art for the Gods

My fine arts teacher showed us aerial pictures of memorials/art that ancient people would do. These things were spread out over crazy distances. With no planes during that time, no way for them to see it from a higher perspective, these people created art. It took time and patience and thought and even math. (The horror!)

I looked at those images and my only thought was, “Why?”

Why would anyone spend so much time on something they couldn’t enjoy? They couldn’t see it! All they get from the ground is essentially nonsense. And without thinking, I said that aloud. He gave me the same quizzical look and said, “It wasn’t for them.”

I have since come to realize that there is something eternal about art. Time will wipe away everything we create, but we do it anyway. It isn’t for us, it’s for something bigger than us.

We’re still doing it, too. Maybe it’s built into humanity.