Tell Them How to Feel

Tell Them How to Feel

I’ve noticed in my social media interactions that if I post a link to something without any accompanying information, such as: “Ha, this is funny!”, “I agree/disagree”, “I thought ‘enter thought here’”, and so on, and so on, I get far fewer responses. It’s as if nobody knows what to think of your post unless you tell them what to think.

Does it make us a little queasy that the poster isn’t immediately telling us their motivations? Do you think (subconsciously?) “Why did you post this link if you don’t tell me how to feel about it?” Or perhaps, and far more likely, “Why did you post this if you don’t tell me how important it is to me?”

I’m going to be more aware in my own interactions, when someone shows something to me but doesn’t tell me what to think about it.


Hello You

I remember the first website I designed and hosted. I was thrilled when I finally entered the URL in the browser and kerplunk! There was my design. Everyone can see what I’ve done now! I thought with exhilaration. Then paused. Dread. Everyone can see what I’ve done now! It’s an odd kind of power. And […]