Motivation for Art and Life

Motivation for Art and Life

It’s Terrifying To require perfection is to invite paralysis. The pattern is predictable: as you see error in what you have done, you steer your work toward what you imagine you can do perfectly. You cling ever more tightly to what you already know you can do – away from risk and exploration, and possibly […]

Artist's Valentine

The Artist Valentine

Art mimics life. When we see something, we see the action, the defining moment. The painting is a stop in time, even in abstract, to show the moment. Van Gogh, trying to show the everyday peasant’s life, showed the action of the peasant. The bend of a worker to the field, or the stop of […]


Hello You

I remember the first website I designed and hosted. I was thrilled when I finally entered the URL in the browser and kerplunk! There was my design. Everyone can see what I’ve done now! I thought with exhilaration. Then paused. Dread. Everyone can see what I’ve done now! It’s an odd kind of power. And […]