The Interesting Problem I Came Across

The company, shall we call them, Dogood, is very serious about greening their place and being eco-friendly. So they do what every person in America thinks is good–they create a recycling program. They pay extra to have the bins and the proper disposal. Unfortunately, every time they do, Dogood gets a call saying that their recycling is contaminated by waste that didn’t belong in the recycling. They then have to pay to have it go back into regular garbage. In effect, there is no recycling being done.

We’re all familiar with nonsense that is attached to businesses trying to appear like they are good for the environment, or healthy. Gluten-free water, anyone?

There is the ensuing debate on what to do… Should they lock the bins? Should they continue to pay, and every time just have the recycling be thrown into the regular garbage? Or should the program be done away with?

Boiling It Down For You

  • The company that really does what it says it will:
    This company would not only spend the money on the recycling program, but on making sure it is effective and sustainable. As a designer, I suggest amusing signs over all the bins.
  • The company that says it does something and leaves the details up to fate:
    This company would put up the program, see it become ineffective, pass the buck and claim their building is green. If they’re going to pay, they should get the good PR, right?
  • The company that doesn’t bother:
    This company may or may not put in the recycling program, but once it sees that it requires a further investment, or a continuing input for what doesn’t work, would call it quits.

Don’t be #2, Dogood. It’s just shitty.

Also, if you don’t recognize the post title, it’s from a short lived TV show, Better Off Ted. Go watch it, it’s funny.


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