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Valentine’s Day Email


There was once a crazy idea that an adorable animal would help sell more products on an email campaign. At my (very excited) persistence, the marketing team at FSW decided to give it a test for Valentine’s Day. Given the products of flameless candles and wine glasses, I mocked up a romantic kittie-cat inspired design.

With help from a local shelter, my direction and the photography team created two campaigns. The first campaign focused on wine glasses and the second on candles. Each storyboard set the direction of the photoshoot, with options for both.

Storyboard for Photoshoot
Storyboard for Photoshoot

Email Design

I was lucky to work with an amazing team to get this photography and translate these sketches into reality.

With the plan and the photoshoot assets, the design was simple to put together, and turned out to be effective. The emails themselves generated 85 orders and $53,000 in revenue!

Though the A/B testing found that the adorable animal didn’t have a statistical effect on click rates from our customers, not only did the campaign hit its goals, but the the cat was almost immediately adopted and we all got fuzzy cuddles. Truly a win-win.




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