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F2P Industries


F2P Industries is a startup CBD company focused on premium-quality health products aimed specifically at females in the 40-60 age range.

Because CBD operates in a highly regulated and unstable legal environment, F2P needed a brand that inspired immediate trust and strong character. Many products in this industry are questionable so F2P wanted to make sure their products are recognized for their focus on quality. Although CBD is connected to cannabis, it is not used for getting high.

Mood Boards

F2P was presented with four options for look and feel to develop their brand.


The original logo implied a connection to science, with the outline referencing the periodic table of elements. However, the box containing the letters constrained the use and because of the curved and tight nature of the letters, it was hard to read, especially at small sizes.

Updates to the logo included:

  • Introducing brand colors
  • Thickening the outline
  • Changing the outline from a full box to containing F2P
  • Allowing the word ‘industries’ to be more visible at smaller sizes
  • Changing the font to a less condensed letterform
F2P Branding Style
Brand guidelines - about
Brand guidelines - main logo
Brand guidelines - logo use
Brand guidelines - colors
Brand guidelines - typography
Brand guidelines - typography
F2P Brochure Design

Product Packaging

The original packaging was not distinctive and out-of-date on the information side. Working with ContextWest and an expert CBD copywriter, we made sure the ingredients and suggested dosage were correct. Once that was set, I was able to follow the new brand standards and create colorful, enticing labels and even increase the readability, which was important on such small products.