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Spaghetti-est of Westerns

Advertising Campaign

Giddyap fellas! Hold on for a unique ride through this campaign that spanned an ever growing landing page, email sends, banners and online ads, plus engaging social image posts. This creative campaign gave boring old flatware some new western appeal.

Spaghetti Western Email Starring Spoonelope


This campaign was an effort into a more subtle storytelling style, introducing the readers to products, who were characters in a spaghetti western. Each character had a unique personality which was unveiled over time.

Social Media

Each social gave a highlight to a new character and exposed a new section. Spoonelope dipped herself in a spa bowl of tasty guacamole, the Knife in Shining Armor ready to save the day, and Señor Fork sporting his western wear.

Spaghetti Western Social with Full Cast
Spaghetti Western Social Starring Senor Fork
Spaghetti Western Social Starring Sir Knife
Spaghetti Western Social Starring Spoonelope

Landing Page

Spaghetti Western Campaign - Landing Page



Look & Feel:

Western Movie


Images for Social Media, Wireframes, Landing Page

Illustrations provided from the much talented Brooke VanDeVelder, and creative writing from Penny Parker.