Colorado Consortium Web Design Animation

Website Mock Ups

Client: Colorado Consortium
Art Director: Sharee Hiatt
Deliverables: Front End Web Mock Ups

Long, long ago, there was no responsive design. No one had yet thought of the magic of “metro” and pink and orange weren’t the trendy colors. It’s easy to look back on old designs and see all the problems that a few years (or ten) can fix.

These previews (beware of Lorem Ipsum!) were made to present to the Colorado Consortium for a website design. Of course they have since updated, as they should.

Based on approved wireframes, this design gave the client an option that was sleek and refined, while still maintaining pops of color. Although the site isn’t meant for kids, the viewers do work with children and this was included in the aesthetic.

Learning Design

While this design makes me cringe a bit now, this was my first in an extensive web design that including static pages, member log-in, member-specific pages, RSS feeds, and posts of news and training videos.

Colorado Consortium Website Design - About Page Colorado Consortium Website Design - Member Log In Colorado Consortium Website Design - Training Page Colorado Consortium Website Design - News Page Colorado Consortium Website Design - Member Home Page


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