I remember the first website I designed and hosted. I was thrilled when I finally entered the URL in the browser and kerplunk! There was my design. Everyone can see what I’ve done now! I thought with exhilaration. Then paused. Dread. Everyone can see what I’ve done now!

It’s an odd kind of power. And it’s frickin’ scary. Maybe not for these kids who twit every thing that ever happened to them, (F me, I’m getting old. Did I really just say “these kids?”) but I’m a fairly private person. Art of any kind is exposure. It’s yourself, on some sort of canvas. Even if “yourself” is an ad on catalog paper, a melody on sheet music, or a novel on paper. There’s nothing quite as naked as artists showing their work.

In the spirit of facing what I imagine has to be a fear that numerous other artists face, (that exposed naked internet feeling) I am making some tangible goals for this blog in 2013. Want to know? Read on, brave/bored one!

1. I will not squelch the humor. Just because you don’t get typography jokes about old sci-fi shows… (“I realize that Papyrus is a horrible font, but it’s the font of Serenity, alright?!”)

2. I will be honest. This might mean being wrong. A lot. That’s hard for me to swallow, but I’m learning. And, hey, I just learned that the more I learn, the more I’ll be right… woah. Yes, in accordance with this honesty thing, I can honestly say I did just figure that out while writing it.

3. I will not try to impress you with high-falutedness. That’s simply because I hate pretentious bastards and I refuse to join them. Especially in my designs.

I’m adding this last one after reading through my post again:
4. I will try to calm down on the use of parenthesis. (You have no idea how many I edited out!)


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